Wednesday, December 12, 2012


After losing my blog list I have been adding them one by one.  It is a long and arduous process, there is probably a faster way but I haven't come across it yet.

I have been spending a long time on Ancestry and adding ancient information.   Barbara Sperl was a sister to Anton Sperl (great grandfather of my husband) and I had found some information on that couple and lot of information on the family.

There were four siblings who came to American.  Leonard Pschirer, who married Barbara and they had about eleven children.   There was also a brother John, Frank and sister Katherine and I have been adding their spouses and even their children.  Among the four of them  they had thirty seven children, give or take a few that I may have missed or did not find.

They have many descendants and most of them did not have the four siblings parents names, at least not cited.  I have been adding the spouses of the above and citing my information; now I am on to the children of the thirty seven.   For the most part they all stayed in the same community and although a few strayed they did not move far away.

This gives me a lot of research to do, I will be busy for a while.   The interesting thing is that I found that a niece  (Theresa A Rauscher) of Leonard and Barbara Sperl Pschirer had married Wentzel Pschirer who was a son of  Frank.   I am finding it confusing still.   Theresa A's father was Johann Rauscher, now I suspect he was the brother of Frank Rauscher.    All the repeating names and relationships are confusing.

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