Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Anton, Katharina Sperl 026 

This is a picture of Caroline Nosseck, half sister of grandfather John Sperl.   Caroline was married twice, the first ended in the death of her husband and she remarried.  The second marriage lasted a lifetime.  I am not sure which marriage this was,  but I think it was the second.   I do not I do not know the names of the others in the pictures.  But I love the dresses and flower arrangements.  

I will have to ask my cousin Julie.  Caroline is her grandmother.

Julie said it was her grandfather William Aheimer and they were married January 26, 1928.


  1. I Like that for Wednesday. They should be a way too to bring more surnames to the alter. I will forward to that.

  2. Love the picture and it is so sweet that you have some history..have a wonderful Fall, Mary