Saturday, November 27, 2010



Today is my lucky day.  While pondering my Olive Bowser for a few months I had to recheck my thought and came up an idea (really I should have thought this before)  that perhaps, just maybe,  there had been an Obit in Salem, Ohio, where she had died.

The reference librarian at  SALEM PUBLIC LIBRARY was able to find Olives Obit.


Mrs.  Oswalt Rauhut

Mrs Olive Rauhut, 49, wife of Oswalt Rauhut died at 5:30 PM  Monday at her home, 115 East Pershing Ave.  She had been ill of heart trouble only 18 hours.

Mrs Rauhut, daughter of  the late Mr and Mrs Jacob Bowser, was born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and spent most of her life in Pittsburgh.  Two years ago she and her husband came to Salem to make their home.

Surviving are the husband, one son James, at home; two daughters, Mrs Irene Scheuring, north of Salem, and Mrs Mary Sperl of Millvale,PA and several brothers and sisters.

The Funeral service will be at 2 PM, Thursday at the home on Pershing Ave, in charge of Rev H L Miller, burial in Grandview Cemetery.


I find it odd that her son James was not listed with his last name of Stephens.   But, by the wording of the obit it seems that her brothers and sisters are still alive.

I feel another trip to the Armstrong County Genealogical Society will be upcoming in the spring.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I think the last of the year will be somewhat slow in my research.  Due to the Holidays and my daughters move to North Central PA for her first job.
Today my old (2004) computer is not functioning.   It seems to me that there is something wrong with the  connector where the power cord is inserted.   I am not getting an electrical connection (tried a new cord) and the battery is dead.   I feel that the cost of repair can not be justified, the money spent could be allocated to buying a new one.    Thank you everyone for prompting other to back up their data, and I have been.
Today I was perusing the death certificate of my Great Aunt Alwine Bartels Dietrich.   Every time I reread my information I seem to discover a new kernel of knowledge.   Today I enlarged the document and discovered that my   2xgrandparents were from Hanover.   I thought they were from Celle, or do I need to look more closely at the map......Cele was listed as birthplace on my grandmother, Anna Bartels birth certificate.     This leads me on to more research, actually I do not think this is ever finished.  Each discovery prompts us to do further back and find more.    Alwine was the first of the Bartel siblings to died and her sister gave the information, so I am 99% sure it is accurate. 
Does everyone have the same experience of overlooking some item to have it pop up as really important and you wonder how in the world you have missed that?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Jenny my cat, has nothing to do with Genealogy, but  I thought it was funny enough to post.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I only have a few things on my gift list.

The first would be a picture of my Great Grandparents Thomas Dowd and Bridget Naughton and their children.  

The second would be to find my elusive Jacob, Mary and Olive Bowser somewhere in Pennsylvania. I sort of have everything on hold.  Perhaps after the New Year I can get back and search.    I suppose everyone is busy and a lot of bloggers are sort of on hiatus too.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


My husband and daughter had a road trip and this time DID find housing.  The house was built in 1910 and has been updated. There is work to do but it is mostly cosmetic.  We will have another road trip in December to move she and all her stuff to upstate PA.

Now, I am hoping to move all my genealogical data into her abandoned room.   I have been reading everyone's ideas on storage, organization and have purchased a few file folders to start my project.  

I am still agonizing on Olive Bowser.  I have gone thru the Armstrong County Census of 1880 and still can not find this family.   Did the enumerator visit the house many times till he got his information?    Did he go back if no one answered?   I am at a loss for now on how to proceed.   ARMSTRONG COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY   is closed from November thru April so I can not do much until the spring thaw and there has not been a snow flake falling as of this time.


Friday, November 12, 2010



I am getting my daughter ready for her move, she found a job and is moving.   Which is good for her, and we will miss her, but, she has to go where the work is.

I am back to searching for Jacob and Mary Bowser.   I have started in insane task of searching Armstrong County communities one by one, looking or them.   I am in the 1870 census.   So far they only person I have found was thirteen year old Lafayette Bowser, he is not living with the parents Jacob and Mary.   Is he on some sort of apprentice, he does not have any occupation listed by his name????

The funny thing, and I really had to laugh, I found a listing of Margaret Myers and she was born in W├╝rttemberg and her son was below and his place of birth was listed as Atlantic Ocean.    I guess he was born on the high seas on the way over.   I can not imagine the conditions under which poor Margaret had given birth on that ship. 

I am still in the A’s in Armstrong County.  I think they were hiding from the census taker.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I received an email from  Footnote advertising that I could sign up for one free week to search, this was in relation to the Civil War.

What I found out there was a Civil War Pension of Robert Stephens and then I decided to search for the elusive Jacob and Mary Bowser.    This time I did indeed find a couple with that name.    In the  1860 census I found a Jacob Bowser and his wife Mary were living in Pine Township, Armstrong County PA.   Jacob was 32 and Mary 28 years of age.

Olive was born in 1874  and Jacob and Mary were the names of her parents.    If this was MY Jacob he would have been 46 and Mary 42 at the time of Olives birth.  This couple and their children were born in Pennsylvania.  
Now I just have to follow this couple.   I am hoping that I will be able to do this and I do not find this particular Jacob had died in the Civil War.

Now my question is why did I not find this couple in the Ancestry collection?   Were my search criteria off?  My problems are usually operator error,  but I honestly believed I had searched every option and at the Armstrong Country Genealogical Society, I did not find this couple either !!!!!

Some of the  children has  unusual names,  Nathaniel, Lewela, Calven, Lafaett, and  Mathias. 

Also living with the family is a man aged sixty five with the name of Thomas Murphy listed as a retired farmer and born in Ireland.   Could this be Mary Bowsers father?  Also is Margaret Brunbaugh age twenty four and a daughter Martha age one.    Could this be Jacob or Marys sister?