Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010




From the collection of Angelika Schonwitz.

This is a photo of my great grandparents Anna Meta Hackmann and Frederick Schridde.   My cousin said it was taken about 1890.   I thought perhaps it was a wedding picture, but they were married 24 September 1887.

It is a pleasure to see your great grandparents when they were young.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Another bit of information from my cousin ES. She sent me two pictures of her mother, and her mother does resemble my mother. Both women are named Gerda. She also was able to identify many of the people in my unknown picture, I had suspected that they were my great grandparents and my detective skills proved to be so.

Possibly Schridde Family

According to my cousin the elderly woman is Anna Meta Hackmann Schridde, Freida Schridde Bordolo, next unknown, fourth is Hilde a woman who was helping at their house, fifth Lily Claussen, Rudolph Bordolo and Fritz Claussen and the elderly man is Frederick Schridde.

The children are Rolf Claussen, Fritz Claussen, Rudolph Bordolo, Liese Lotto Bordolo and Heinz Claussen. The picture was taken in 1928 when the first new car was purchased. Just like here everyone is interested in a new car. I wonder if the men lifted the hood and looked at the engine.

My cousin said that her mother was so happy to see the pictures, the pictures that she had were destroyed in the war.

It amazes me that two people living a half world away were able to share and identify family from long ago.

She also sent me a picture of my great grandparents taken about 1890. They look so young and happy. I will post it later since I can find it at the moment.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I think after the excitement of finding a cousin, who is researching in Germany, I have come to rest. Not rest, as in quitting, but rather, I have expended a lot of psychic energy the past few week and I am rather just resting.

I still have a lot of things to do. From ES (my cousin), I have found the name of Willis great grandparents. I have looked on the LDS site and found nothing. My great great grandmother's name is Anna Katherine Sophie Goetjem. I am thinking that perhaps the name is Dutch. Hamburg is close to the Netherlands so it is possible. More research has to be done on this line.

ES mother is still alive, by my calculation I think she was born in 1928, I have to check the numbers, but Gerda did not make the Gerburtstag list.
I sent ES a few question I hope Gerda can answer them for me.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Schridde Family



Schridde FAmily c.1918

From left to right. 

Heinrich Theodore Frederick Schridde   b. 28 September 1862

Elsa Schridde Czitkowski  b. 15 December 1889   d.   June 1961

Anna Meta Margarethe Hackmann    b. 8 April 1868

Willi Schridde   b.  14 February 1898     d. 19 August 1937

Kate Schridde Schmolling   b.  26 December 1900

Emilie Schridde Beckmann  b. 24 September 1887    d. 26 March 1961

Frieda Schridde Bordolo     b. 25 March 1892       d.  November 1961

Lilly Schridde Clausen     b.  28 January 1896      d.  1977

Friday, July 2, 2010


My excitement has been realized.. My German cousin is official. Our grandparents are siblings and she identified the five sisters with their names.

This all was because she and I both joined My Heritage Family Tree. I had joined in the spring and she had joined in June. She told me that she was unaware that she had family living in the USA. I can honestly say that I knew I had relatives living in Germany, but I did not know who they were or how to contact them.

She also told me that her mother knew the Schridde Family History. I will have to ask her if her mother is still alive. Her mother would be eighty two, so, it is possible that she is living.

The interesting part is her mothers name is Gerda and she was named after my mother. Gerda, my mother, would have been five years older than her cousin.

More to come.