Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Another bit of information from my cousin ES. She sent me two pictures of her mother, and her mother does resemble my mother. Both women are named Gerda. She also was able to identify many of the people in my unknown picture, I had suspected that they were my great grandparents and my detective skills proved to be so.

Possibly Schridde Family

According to my cousin the elderly woman is Anna Meta Hackmann Schridde, Freida Schridde Bordolo, next unknown, fourth is Hilde a woman who was helping at their house, fifth Lily Claussen, Rudolph Bordolo and Fritz Claussen and the elderly man is Frederick Schridde.

The children are Rolf Claussen, Fritz Claussen, Rudolph Bordolo, Liese Lotto Bordolo and Heinz Claussen. The picture was taken in 1928 when the first new car was purchased. Just like here everyone is interested in a new car. I wonder if the men lifted the hood and looked at the engine.

My cousin said that her mother was so happy to see the pictures, the pictures that she had were destroyed in the war.

It amazes me that two people living a half world away were able to share and identify family from long ago.

She also sent me a picture of my great grandparents taken about 1890. They look so young and happy. I will post it later since I can find it at the moment.

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  1. What a great picture! It is wonderful that you and your cousin found each other and each have something valuable to share. I wish it so for all of us!