Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Has this happened to you?  At our local Gene meeting this morning, one of the people asked this question; have you ever had someone found out what you were researching and then say  "Give me everything you have?"

That really takes a lot of nerve to expect someone to send them all of your research.   How would you handle this demand?

We all know that some of our research is incomplete and not proven and we do not want anything erroneous to go out because in a short period of time it will appear on the WWW, errors and all, and at some point in time it will come back to bite you.

My husband suggested to say....my research is not done yet.  Another person said to ask what exactly they were looking for.

 I have shared some of my information with distant cousins or people searching the same lines.  So far they have all wanted to know where I got the information (I love those people) and sometimes what are my thoughts on the same family lines and I will willing share because they are also descendants of the same lines.
But I have no intention on sending you a GEDCOM to give you all I have.