Sunday, September 25, 2011



My father had the philosophy that children should eat what they are served. This was the result of his growing up during the depression.  And my mom served things that only my father liked.  The most disgusting and repulsive food to me were creamed Lima Beans.  

The texture was gritty and flavorless.   He seemed to like everything creamed, including spinach, lima beans and corn.   Why anyone likes cream on vegetables still escapes me to this day.  

He also liked raw onions in everything and the worst were meatloaf and hamburgers.   I remember picking out the onions  in everything I could find, and I do not eat them now.  My mother bought a blender years ago and chopped up the onions and celery that she put in the stuffing because I would sit and pick them out of the dressing.

We had to finish everything on our plates and I would sit in the dark in the kitchen, gagging and holding my nose while I had to eat what was there.

I still do not eat Lima Beans and will pick them out of vegetable and make a nice, neat little pile of them on my dish.  They are a vegetable invented to punish children.


  1. Claudia, my experience is very similar to yours. My mom cooked for my dad and we kids ate what was put on our plates. In some cases my mom was a little lenient: 3 lima beans; a small spoonful of peas; and I was excused from liver and onions and oyster stew.

    I remember having to drink orange juice every morning. I never liked it and still don't. As a child I learned to play this game with the glass of orange juice: put my thumb down just a little from level of the o.j. then take a drink. I won if I drank lower than my thumb. Five minutes later, the glass and I would play again. I always eventually won.

  2. Oh yes, we had to eat what was put in front of us. No amount of pushing the food around to spread it out on the plate worked either. If everyone else was done and gone, we had to stay and finish our icky cold food (lima beans included).

    At least now I do like lima beans. Never had creamed anything though. Probably a good thing!

  3. Liver, always hated liver. I'd wipe my mouth frequently and excuse myself to the bathroom where I would flush the pieces down... yuck!

  4. I LOVE the comments.. especially about the liver. When my husband was a child he was served fried liver. so, he gave it to the family dog who was lurking under the table. All was good, until the dog vomited the liver.

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  6. Claudia, you picked all the foods I dislike. Even now, I'm very picky and my list is long. Also, aside from having to eat that stuff, my mother was a terrible cook.

  7. In my childhood peas and other veggies were creamed to make them stretch further. Liver and tongue were disgusting.