Friday, November 12, 2010



I am getting my daughter ready for her move, she found a job and is moving.   Which is good for her, and we will miss her, but, she has to go where the work is.

I am back to searching for Jacob and Mary Bowser.   I have started in insane task of searching Armstrong County communities one by one, looking or them.   I am in the 1870 census.   So far they only person I have found was thirteen year old Lafayette Bowser, he is not living with the parents Jacob and Mary.   Is he on some sort of apprentice, he does not have any occupation listed by his name????

The funny thing, and I really had to laugh, I found a listing of Margaret Myers and she was born in Württemberg and her son was below and his place of birth was listed as Atlantic Ocean.    I guess he was born on the high seas on the way over.   I can not imagine the conditions under which poor Margaret had given birth on that ship. 

I am still in the A’s in Armstrong County.  I think they were hiding from the census taker.


  1. Claudia, my name is Billie Tompkins. I worked on the Wilbanks family about 10 years ago & am starting back working on it. Have you worked on any Wilbanks family?