Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I received an email from  Footnote advertising that I could sign up for one free week to search, this was in relation to the Civil War.

What I found out there was a Civil War Pension of Robert Stephens and then I decided to search for the elusive Jacob and Mary Bowser.    This time I did indeed find a couple with that name.    In the  1860 census I found a Jacob Bowser and his wife Mary were living in Pine Township, Armstrong County PA.   Jacob was 32 and Mary 28 years of age.

Olive was born in 1874  and Jacob and Mary were the names of her parents.    If this was MY Jacob he would have been 46 and Mary 42 at the time of Olives birth.  This couple and their children were born in Pennsylvania.  
Now I just have to follow this couple.   I am hoping that I will be able to do this and I do not find this particular Jacob had died in the Civil War.

Now my question is why did I not find this couple in the Ancestry collection?   Were my search criteria off?  My problems are usually operator error,  but I honestly believed I had searched every option and at the Armstrong Country Genealogical Society, I did not find this couple either !!!!!

Some of the  children has  unusual names,  Nathaniel, Lewela, Calven, Lafaett, and  Mathias. 

Also living with the family is a man aged sixty five with the name of Thomas Murphy listed as a retired farmer and born in Ireland.   Could this be Mary Bowsers father?  Also is Margaret Brunbaugh age twenty four and a daughter Martha age one.    Could this be Jacob or Marys sister?


  1. You didn't find this couple at Ancestry, because Footnote digitized a different set of Civil War Veteran's Pension Index cards than Ancestry did. You can read more about it at an old post here.

  2. I hope this proves to be the lead you need to find your ancestor!