Saturday, December 8, 2012


I was trying to update and add to my blog list when the really unfortunate thing happened.   Somehow, and I even tried Control + Z, I managed to delete my Blog List icon on my page.   How did this happen and where did they go?  

I suppose I need to go thru the posts one by one and recopy the URL's and see what I can do.  There is a list on my profile page that lists the blogs I follow and I suppose I have to see if there are still there, I suspect they might be, but who knows for sure.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on the genealogy of my husbands side of the family.   I  was working at the Archives on Thursday and came up some entries for Theresa Rauscher and Franz Schmidt.  It was an entry for her marriage and the priest, being the good German that he was , it listed both the bride and grooms parents.

Theresa's parents were the same names as his Great Grandmother, Katherine Rauscher.   I had long suspected they were sisters for a few years and now I had the proof.

I found a few more family entries and had a lot of enter.   The husband often said that everyone was related to everyone else in Millvale, PA.   I found out he was quite right, he also said you could not get away with anything because someone always would call your parents.   I love it, only in small town America in the 1950's would that happen .

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