Saturday, January 28, 2012



It  is winding down.   To answer a question, the boxes that I threw out were empty.   I consolidated a lot of things.   Took books to the resale show, who give you a pittance for what you bring in to sell.  Maybe I should have donated them to the library for their book sale.   

Took all sort of computer related items to the Goodwill store.   They employ people to refurbish computers.   I think it is part of their mission or purpose for employment and utilizing electronics. Dropped off clothing, glassware and other household items to St. Vincent de Paul thrift store for them to sell.

I put the paperwork and pictures in two other storage boxes and should be ready to start scanning soon.   I read the article on how to name your files so I can do this properly from the beginning.   I check my files and most of them are labeled, I will have to do some renaming on some of the old files.

What I learned from the videos from STATE LIBRARY OF NORTH CAROLINA was how to change a file extension.   The most important thing to do is MAKE A COPY BEFORE YOU START.     Then you can change the file extension (after the dot) and make it a jpg or what ever you want.   I have a few pictures I had downloaded and have to go and find the appropriate thing to open them.    I changed them to a .jpg and now it is easier to open.     This was a wondrous discovery, guess I should have figured it out a few years ago.  

Office Max this week had a file cabinet on sale and I ordered it.  My local store did not have one and they got it from another location.  So, the goal is to file what I have and perhaps make new folders.  I want the folder name to be organized with the titles of the files to match. 

Next will be scan the new finds and then burn everything to DVD’s.    If I do it in steps it will be much more manageable and easier to get it done.   I want to make copies of the DVD’s and give them to my sisters so they will have copies, this is a backup data plan.

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