Sunday, January 22, 2012



The past week or two we have been going through our basement.  We threw away several trash bags,  and consolidated  boxes and threw away about ten cardboard boxes.   I made a trip to the thrift store and still have to go to Half Price Books and sell a few boxes of books. This is my first plan

My old computer has been repaired and my B-I-L put my pictures and downloads onto the D drive, now I have more room on C.   What he suggested was making a DVD and put my files onto the disc.   Supposedly DVD’s will last longer than CD’s.    That is the second  plan.           

The third is scanning the pictures and papers I found in the basement in boxes from our parents homes.    I had to download the drivers for my Lexmark printer and soon I will be in business to scan. I just have to move everything into the family room and set up on the larger desk.  That is plan three.

To get this all done this week will be my goal.   We will see how it goes.


  1. Just the boxes or what was in them? Actually I only get the boxes out. Wish I had more done like you. That putting in cd's and even the other is work. good for you keep up the good work. don't get sidetracked by what you see along the journey doing it. Which I would do.