Tuesday, January 17, 2012



I suppose we are all doing that.   Each discovery presents more questions and the need to find the answers.    My current quest is the parents of Michael  A Coleman (1809-1855).  What I have tired so far: 1) Doing a Google search using his name and dates , 2) Searching with his wife’s name and information.  3) Searching on Ancestry for records and family trees. 4) Searching on Google Books.

I did find a posting and have written to the author of the posting who has a Coleman Family.   There are three males born in the area of when Michael A Coleman’s father was born.  All I have are the dates with “mother and father” listed.

My question for today is where are the records of the now Woods County WV, which was formerly Virginia in 1790.   If I can find the repository of the records, perhaps I can find a clue which will lead me to an answer.

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