Saturday, January 28, 2012



I was perusing the Pennsylvania County Marriage Records that have been recently added by Family Search.   I have found a few nibbles but not a whole lot.   I am hoping that only a portion have been indexed so far.

What I did find was a record for Franz Schmid and Theresa Rauscher.


The thought I have now is Theresa the sister of my husbands great grandmother Katharina T. Rauscher.    They both lived in Millvale PA, and on the application is says that the two above were from Shaler, which is the township next to Millvale.   In fact Millvale was once a part of Shaler.

Theresa and Katherine born within a few years.   I will have to check the church records to see if I can find this marriage.    The priest who recorded Katherine T Rauscher and Anton Sperl had recorded their parents and the towns they came from  in Bohemia.

Sometimes you hit the jackpot, I am hoping I can find this information.

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