Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Michael A Coleman


For many years Michael A Coleman has been a mystery.   Or, perhaps I should say his parents have been.   Michael is an ancestor of my husband.   My cousin Helen had given me his information and we have not been able to find Michaels parents.

In Michaels Bible  ( from the Civil War pension file) it is listed “Father” 1780-1847 and “Mother”  1789-1831.  They knew what their names were and were inconsiderate that 170 years later their descendants would be agonizing on what “mother and father” names actually were .

The second Tuesday of each month we have a meeting of the Oakmont Genealogical Study Group, this  includes a educational topic, and a “show and tell”  This morning a new person arrived (we love new members or potential members) and he  had Coleman in his ancestry.  He had some information that he found on line (I know, I know) but he was using it as a basis for his research.

He had information on his line and I copied the URL and was surprised to find online much information.   “My” Michael could potentially fit in to one of the on line submissions on Roots Web.   The post I found was dated 2003, and I set the woman an email with what I found and my information.   She had listed a Michael, born between 1777 and 1782 but not further information.

Also there was a book written “The Coleman Brothers: Revolutionary War Militiamen, Pennsylvania and (West) Virginia Pioneers and Their Descendants’  It was compiled by Georgie Kratzer Allen with research assistant Beverly Yingling Peoples by Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore 1987.

The email had not returned as “unable to deliver” so I am hoping that perhaps this is my Michael………….But I have tried to find this book but none of the major sellers or eBay have this listing.   There is no email for the compiler but a snail mail address is given.

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