Friday, January 6, 2012



We do not have an attic, but we have a basement.   In our basement are the remnants of our parents and grandparents lives packed away in boxes.  It is something we vowed to get to some day.  That time is coming near,  I will not throw away anything useful that can be used by others.    About one mile from my home is a St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store where I donate many usable items and clothing.

Yesterday we were moving some of the boxes and I came across a photo album that was from my husbands parents.   Some of them I had never seen before and did not know they existed, but Chuck remembered.

I found a few older pictures and plenty from the fifties and sixties of his childhood.   A lot of them were scorched from the fire that happened in 1963.   I will make a post on that later, now that I have the pictures.

Of course, not one of the photos are labeled, but we will collaborate and write the names on the back of them, in pencil, so down the line people will know who they are.


  1. I love these kinds of "finds." Even with all the research and digging I've done into our 25 bankers' boxes of family documents, diaries, letters, and photos, I still will find something, tucked in a corner, placed in the wrong box, and then I'm so thrilled, and many make a connection with another find that creates a web of interconnected history that was unexpected. I'm thrilled for you!