Monday, January 2, 2012

JANUARY 2, 2012


Yesterday I did not feel like writing.  I suppose I should write my goals, but I feel guilty when I do not obtain them.   Perhaps I can write them and not publish them.

The week of Christmas, on the LDS site I found marriage records for Allegheny County PA.   I found about twenty records, some of which I already had.

  I also found many I did not have, so I spent the day making copies of the original and them cropping them to just have my ancestors information in case I wanted to publish it in my blog.   At the same time I entered the information on to my Family Tree.  

I have downloaded Legacy and Roots Magic and I like both of them but I still can decide which of them to purchase.  I think that after entering new and unrecorded information I will have a better idea which I would like to keep. I also have information on My Heritage Family Tree, I suppose a person would say I am a little (maybe more than a little) indecisive.   

What I absolutely LOVE about My Heritage Family Tree is the app for the smart phone.   Now I can just access from my phone and do not have to worry about taking my computer to the library.  The phone will fit in my pocket.    How many people have their information on more than one tree?

Well, maybe one of my goals will be to copy all my information on a DVD as suggested by my brother in law.   I have it on flash drives but he was right, I will get started on that project soon.

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