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Thursday I did research for two clients at the Diocese Archives.   What amazes me is that on the website it explains that the work is done by volunteers  and because we are searching old to ancient records,  this is because of their fragility.  They are not scanned or copied.

People still think we have everything digitized and requests can be obtained in the blink of an eye.    Not a thing related to these records is digitized, this is mostly to protect the privacy of the dead and their families..   With all those books, there are hundreds, the old writing which is sometimes illegible it can  be a very difficult task.  

I still managed to fill the death information requested.   Since their foundation and up until World War II, every ethnic group had their “own” Catholic Church.   A lot of these old parishes have been consolidated and many old buildings closed,demolished or repurposed.

THE PRIORY is an example of the former ST MARY RC CHURCH, ALLEGHENY CITY.    If you look at this link you will see THE GRAND HALL which is what the inside of this old building looks like today.

I must admit that in my searching I find the German priest were the most complete in recording.   I have found maiden names and town of origins with Baptism and Marriage records and we all know what a treasure that is to find.

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