Friday, May 6, 2011



On Wednesday I   went to Armstrong County Genealogical Society to do research on Olive Bowser.    I had a VERY difficult time trying to locate records that I had placed on my flash drive.  I had been looking for Olives Obit.   

I obsessively compulsively had everything in neat folders arranged by family names.   Then I got the idea to copy them onto my new computer.    Much to my horror……..they did not move in files.   They moved into one enormous file arranged alphabetically by the name on the digital image.    The C people in my line were among the Christmas Flower show and Chilhuly glass pictures that I had taken.   

I began a long process of changing the labels on some of the images only to have them go poof and disappeared somewhere else in my digital mess.   It took several hours to make new folders and sort things per family again.    I still haven’t found my childhood photos but I have two more computers to check.  

After I got everything in a folder I had to go back and eliminate the duplicates (census records and such)  This ordeal told me I need to get better organized and if I decided to do that again I should manually move folder by folder.   

Now I have to go and separate Christmas Flower show from the Chilhuly glass pictures and many scenes from innumerable vacations.      

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