Thursday, May 5, 2011

Find a Grave Website

Today I am quite a bit irked.   A few years ago I had added photos and the dates of births and deaths of some of my family members and the photos I had taken in Allegheny County Pennsylvania.

For the past week or so I have been getting no reply emails telling me they are duplicate postings and for me to remove them.   I know when I posted (35 or so of my family) there were no other memorial of my relatives and that is why I added and posted them in the first place..   To top it off the pictures that I had taken personally and added to the website are now gone.

What is going on here?  Who would take it upon themselves to remove my photographs?  And change the information?    After that I went to St Anthony's cemetery in Shaler site and checked to see if my listing were still there.   They were but another person has inserted her name and claimed the photos that I had taken.

Do I need to get a watermark before I can post all my photos?    I see people have the names of their blogs on their photos, perhaps I should do that too.   This really annoys me to a great extent.


  1. I haven't done much with Find-A-Grave but your experience sounds disturbing and aggravating! I hope you can learn who and how the problem came about.

  2. I have heard of this before so i have started watermarking all my photos. I think some people add spots to cemeteries and call them unknown so they can go back and edit them. It is a great site but the rush to add memorials has created a lot of errors. jmho

  3. This is one of my peeves, as well. Unless Find A Grave has changed its policy, they do not allow posting of photos with watermarks or copyrights. You might want to check before you do it.