Friday, February 18, 2011



Last Saturday I went to the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society monthly lecture.   IT is free and what you have to do is pay $5 for the parking.  The $5 parking in Pittsburgh is really cheap.

The lecture was on using the New Family Search web site.   I have ALWAYS had trouble searching on this site, which admittedly I thought was operator error.   My theory was proven correct.

She talked for two hours and I learned a lot.  I was searching for too detailed of information.   I should look under generalities and the lecturer said that if it does not come up by the search it doesn't mean it is not there.

For example I was searching for Armstrong County, PA and it would not come up.   So I did as she suggested, I put in Pennsylvania, Armstrong and a lot of things magically appeared.   Each section has subsections and I have found church records and I now have to make a list and order then from the local LDS Family History Center.  

This searching should keep me busy for a long time.   Now, hopefully I can break some of self imposed brick walls.

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