Saturday, February 12, 2011


What was my favorite toy???   My favorite was one I never received....  When I was grade school my neighbor had a TERRI LEE DOLL  I thought this was the most special doll ever created.

In the fall my grandmother asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said the Terri Lee Doll.   I was so excited, and when Christmas arrived what did I get but a MADAME ALEXANDER DOLL   For me at age nine that was a great disappointment and I now realize that the Madame Alexander was probably more expensive than the Terri Lee but  I felt really let down.   I did not let her know how I felt.   I find it odd that fifty years later that I remember it still.

Another item I enjoyed were JACKS  We would play for hours on end it our fingers were raw and bloody.  Not really, but we did have a good time, perfected fine motor skills I suppose.

One Christmas I got a bicycle and it was a cobalt blue color and I really did love that bicycle.

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