Sunday, February 20, 2011



Helmut Clausen water color prints1 Helmut Clausen water color prints2

  Helmut Clausen water color prints3


Helmut Clausen water color prints9


Helmut Clausen water color prints10

I found these prints among my parents papers.   I remember seeing them when I was younger and I asked my mother about them.    She said they were her mothers (Anna Bartels) and I inquired who was the painter.   She said it was "a cousin"  The pictures are scenes in Hamburg, Germany

The man was Helmut Clausen.  With my research I found that Helmut was a first cousin of my mother.    Helmut's father was married to my grandfather's sister, Lily Schridde.   Helmut's fathers name was Fritz Clausen. 

I did a Google search for his name AND artist but did not find anything on the Internet.  I have the prints matted and  will find somewhere to hang them in my house.

They are all shades of blue and gray.   I wondered if those were the colors he  liked or if Hamburg is gray most of the time.    The interesting part is I also do watercolor painting as a hobby.   I plan to start painting again after retirement.

Will post more in this series later.


  1. Ohhh, these are beautiful! You didn't mention how large they are. Even though you didn't find anything online about him before this post, now whoever may be searching for him will find him!

  2. Claudia was searching for my wifes grand mother Annie Bartels not Anna but came across your blog and this new archive webste. Check this website regarding Anna Bartels. Speciifcally her name then look at Hamburg . If she was jewish then this may be of much interest to you. David Campbell UK