Saturday, February 5, 2011



The first time I remember seeing television was when I was very young, probably about three or so.    We did not have a television and on Friday nights my parents and I would go to the neighbors and watch The Friday Night Fights.  I remember is was sponsored by Gillette.   The television was small and in black and white..   I must have thought this was the most boring thing in the world, I do not remember watching it but I remember being there.

When I was about thirteen my parents built a game room in the family home.   It was down in the basement and it was paneled with wood and it had two couches and a few end tables and a television.

We did indeed have a television but we weren't allowed to watch it.   On occasion the whole family would go and watch things like I LOVE LUCY, THE HONEYMOONERS WITH JACKIE GLEANSONMILTON BEREL, and TED MACK ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR  My husband remembers watching  CAPTAIN VIDEO at his neighbors.

After my brothers came along the television was now upstairs and we would spend the mornings watching TV westerns that were made for kids, this was soon followed by cartoons.   But after my dad came home from work we did not watch TV any more, Dad controlled the TV till bed time. 

I do not watch much television today.  Even today when people talk about what they watch I am sometimes clueless what they are talking about.

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  1. I think I saw my first TV in 1950. I must have been interested, but not like you might think. I was a outside kinda kid, and at this time there was very little to watch. My Dad watched more than the rest of us. My first real show to watch was I Love Lucy. It is crazy now, 24 hour TV and still few things I like to watch.
    Happy Valentines Day, Mary