Saturday, February 5, 2011


Just a bit irked about this show, or lack or it.    Last night I was all set and snuggled down to watch "Who Do You Think You Are?"  and it was not there.     It was a Steeler's special .  For the past two weeks everything that could have been learned and questioned has gone on 24/7 in this town.  There was no need to go over the obvious again and again.   I must add I am not a sports fan and I am in the minority in this town of sports nuts.

I checked the next local market one hundred miles from Pittsburgh and it was not there either.   This happens again in March with the basketball.   I thought that is why they had sports stations like ESPN.

I did find the airing this morning on the NBC website.   I will be glad when the game is over.  I still wish I had someone to do my research for me.  LOL

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  1. i waited for it all week and it was on so I did see it in the time slot.I do understand what you mean about sports...I am a fan of our local team but the truth of it is I do not want it to get in the way of something I would enjoy more. I am researching my family too and it is fun to see what they have to share on this very interesting subject. I am looking forward to next Friday, and with luck some of these games will be gone for awhile. Hugs, Mary