Wednesday, August 11, 2010



On Monday Chuck and I drove to New Castle PA.    I ordered the death certificates, and they said that I could not pick them up they would have to be mailed.   I did not check the website to see if it was true.   I did not want to be irked by myself. 

All I can say is it got there fast to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.   She said it would take a few days and I know they will come on Saturday, which is the day I leave to go to visit my friend Ruth.

I am searching for the parents of my great grandfather Daniel Zacharias Bartels.  I had posted before that last year I had found his sisters buried in the McKeesport-Versailles Cemetery.   I did not know they were here in the USA, let alone buried here.  

My mother had talked about her Tante Alwine and some other old German women.  I suppose like everyone else as a child, they did not pay any attention.   Or maybe she thought this was common knowledge.

So, I am hoping that when the first and second sister died, the other siblings had given their parents name.  Or perhaps it is wishful thinking.  

I remember that my mother talked about my grandmother, Anna Bartels Schridde had a cousin Margaret.   I knew Margaret because she was a RN and was excited when I went to Nursing School.   I guess the fact that Margaret had a mother and father did not enter into the equation since I knew Margaret as an adult.

My father also told us we had NO RELATIVES and I have found plenty.   We just never knew them, although he knew them.   He spoke fondly of his Aunts and I remember meeting my grandfathers sister Theresa.

So, I hope the certificates come on Friday, but if they don’t I will have something to look forward to when I return from my long drive south.

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