Thursday, August 12, 2010



The death certificates have arrived and I have more questions than I do answers.

I did find the names of my Great Great Grandparents.    They would be the grandparents of Anna Maria Johanna Bartels.    I was correct in the assumption that the sisters of Alwine Bartels Dietrich and Emma Bartels Schwab would have given the answer. 

My great grandfathers name was Wilhelm Bartels and my great grandmothers name was Johanna Bertian  (Bertham) both from Hannover Germany.     In my research I found that my grandmothers brother was Wilhelm and a brother of the four Aunts was Wilhelm Bartels, he was also living in Duquesne, PA.  They are now ensconced in my tree.

I found that Katharina Rauscher Sperl Nosseck was Frank Rauscher also from Rosshaupt.  This time it was listed as Germany,  not Bohemia or Austria.  Her mothers names was unknown.

Katharina’s second husband Joseph Nosseck died at age of fifty four from TB.   This was in 23 December 1916.

The biggest mystery are my great grandparents Thomas A Dowd and Bridget Naughton.   On Thomas marriage license application he had listed his birthday as 14 March 1860.    I found a corresponding record submitted by a LDS member and on the Mayo IGFH site with that birthday and his parents listed as Thomas Dowd and Cate Sweeney.

On the death certificate his birth is listed (by Bridget) as 12 May 1858 in County Galway…….and his parents listed as John Dowd and Catherine Fitzmorris.   

On Bridget’s marriage application she had listed her birth as 25 March 1868 and on her death certificate it is listed as 22 February 1865,  This information was given by her son Richard Dowd.  On the LDS site and the IGFH it lists her birthday as the March date and her father as Thomas Naughton and mother as Catherine Ward.    On the death certificate her parents are Thomas Naughton and Nora Nee.

This leaves me confused and with more questions than answers.  For the moment I am stumped.

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