Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been on vacation for one week and have not posted. I have been thinking a lot about my latest development. The date of birth and names of my great grandparents.

This would not be such a mystery if I had erroneously just taken for granted other peoples information. I did not do that.

When I took the dates of birth that were given on Thomas and Bridget marriage license I truly believed that they would know what they were. They were both literate......but, the dates of births and names of my great grandparents are totally different. With the exception of Thomas Naughton. I know that on the census records there were a few different dates for years of birth, but I know how that can be done. I will just have to revisit that.

Who are these other people that I have have information from the dates provided on the marriage license application?

Now that I am home I can scan and send them to my cousins and ask for their inputs. I will solve this mystery.

Am I up to 20 questions yet? That is what I feel that I am working on, Playing Twenty Questions.

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  1. Has either Thomas or Bridget siblings? who did give as parents.? perhaps by looking at a naming pattern,then checking what happened to the other Thomas you will come toan answer, Also the UK record eg 21 August 2010 as 21/8/2010 and not 8/21/2010.
    good luck