Monday, August 23, 2010


I did find two women, Nora Dowd Finnerty, and Catherine Dowd Mulroy. The Dowd women were married in 1891 and 1892. Thomas and Bridget were married in 1889.

My theory is that they were Thomas sisters. After their marriage the three families lived on the same street. But, I have no documented proof. Thomas sponsored Thomas Mulroy in his Naturalization process.

They were sponsors for each others Baptisms. I have been searching for death information, but did not find anything in the cemeteries where my great grandparents were buried. The record keeping is not very good, and information is missing.

The family lore is that there was one relative that lived in NJ and one brother Michael Dowd who lived in either Cleveland or Chicago.

I have to get searching again and think I will start with the Church records, and go back to the cemetery.

Naming pattern of Thomas and Bridget.

Thomas A Dowd b. 1891
Catherine Dowd b. 1893
John Dowd b. 1896
Nora Dowd b. 1896
Mary Dowd b. 1898
Richard Dowd b. 1900
Agnes Dowd b. 1904
Theresa Dowd b. 1906

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