Sunday, August 8, 2010



I guess I am incorporating two ideas for this post.   Saturday Night Genealogical Fun and Sentimental Sunday.  

My fathers mother, Gertrude O’Rourke Dowd had a lot of food allergies, but she ate what she was allergic to and then would take her allergy medication.  Why?   Because I like them.

My father told her he was going to write on her tombstone    “Here lies Gertie O’Rourke, she killed herself with her knife and fork.”

Later on my father, Thomas Dowd, would complain about various maladies but he would not go to the doctor or if he did he would be noncompliant.

I told him I was going to write on his tombstone.  “Here lies Tom Dowd, he thought he knew more than his doctor.”

Tom said “Don’t you dare.”  I didn’t…..


  1. I notice you have Bartels of Celle area.I also have a few I have a list of blogs on the side among many things, of course. My Celle consist of Heins and those that entered into the trees from Bergen church district of Celle. Going to Hermansburg and the opposite to west by Munster and going up to Soltau...

    In answer to your question over at a rootdigger the village was Mucklingen, [and Dahlenburg] see map at this post link.It is a village in combination with Nahrendorf. I made a small post next to last post about villages connected with Nahrendorf. It is considered to be with the forest territory of Goehrde and some villages are connected to Dannenberg.

    My Bartels were in Dahlenburg territory, Neetzendorf -
    Eichdorf - Luhmann family
    I work among Luneburg stadt of Hannover Kingdom Mostly. sorry did not mean to get so long. But you
    Loved this post of yours by the way.

  2. Those are great stories - thank you for sharing!