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The first posting of a blog was January 4, 2004.    I started it on the now defunct AOL Blogger.   The idea was novel and it seemed like a good outlet for my frustrations.   

My father was ailing and still making my sibs and I crazy.    I am glad there were five of us in the area and we only had to deal with idiosyncrasies in small doses.

It is difficult to watch the decline in strength as your parents age.    My mother and father were both mentally alert but physically ill. 

My mother died from cancer of the bile duct in 1995.    It is extremely rare, but as they say, someone is going to get it.

She lived four years after her diagnosis and I am thankful that most of the time he quality of life was good and she did not have much pain until the last few weeks.  Even then she had to take only Tylenol with Codeine.

At that time I had no interest (?????) in Family History.  Perhaps with their illness I had other  things on my mind.

It wasn't till after my fathers death in March of 2004, when we were cleaning out his house for sale, did I come upon a lot of saved documents and at that point in time I became intrigued with the people who had come before me.

It was the same with my husband's family his parents died within a few months of each other in 1996.Coleman had been sick for years and her death came as no surprise, but his father's passing was a surprise.    As we looked back on it, during the time of his wife's funeral he was complaining of indigestion.   We realized later that it was probable that at the time he was having an MI, although he did not have the typical "crushing" chest pain.  I think his fathers death was harder on him because it was unexpected.

I started this journal on  December 22, 2008.   I thing perhaps by them I had resolved the matters of my parents deaths and wanted to remember them and try to  solve the mystery of their ancestors.

My first original post followed by my first Genealogy Posting.




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