Monday, May 17, 2010


My great grandmother, Bridget Naughton, was from County Mayo.  

I did a search on the new LDS pilot search and I came up her listing as being from Killeroren, County Galway.  

Her date of birth and parents were correct, so I found out she was from Galway.   I had written to a man who has a major web site concerning the Naughton name.   He and I had corresponded before and he is extremely knowledgeable.

He did a little search for me and he found information that the Naughton and Ward families lived near each other in Killeroren. 

He  also found and sent me the number of the microfilm reel that the town was listed.   More info to send for and peruse.    He also told me that the LDS Church holds the most popular films or fiche at the Church.   I have to investigate.

Another tidbit I found this weekend is on Chuck’s side of the family.   His cousin had traced the Coleman side of his family (Chucks mother and his cousins father were sibs)

I was entering data and found his  great great grandfather, Darius Anthony, died 28 May 1864 at Camp Sumter GA.   

I knew I had heard of that place before and the time was during the Civil War.    So I Goggled the Camp and found it was the infamous Andersonville.

I told Chuck who appeared surprised and shocked to find his ancestor had died there.   I found the military file on Footnote and I need to pursue this man.

I have made quite a few discoveries this past week.    Each answer begets more questions.


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