Saturday, May 15, 2010


After going thru the papers today I always find things that I have overlooked or perhaps I did not realize the significance.

I found a Marriage in 1845 with the name of Denis Rourke and wife of Jane Condon. Is this my great great grandfather??? He was in County Limerick, and that part is right. To be honest there are not too many Denis O’Rourke out there

My great grandfather was born in 1852, so the date of 1845 would be in the right time frame, but how often was the name missing the O??

Do other do the same thing? Do we all find things that have been hiding in plane sight?

I found a Footnote paper I had copied. My other great grandfather, Thomas Dowd and his brother in law, Thomas Mulroy (married toThomas sister Norah) Cummins Finnerty had signed as the sponsor for Patrick O’Toole and his wife Bridget.

Was Patrick OToole's wife, Bridget, Thomas Dowd sister??? When Thomas was a sponsor for Thomas Mulroy, his sister Catherine Dowd Mulroy was the wife.

I have the number of the microfilm for the parish where Thomas lived in County Mayo, I hope this helps to solve the mystery…..

I still haven’t gotten any thing scanned perhaps tomorrow…

Fiddle dee dee,tomorrow is another day….

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