Saturday, October 10, 2009


What is my most satisfying genealogical moment?

Since I have been searching the family tree for only a few (2/ 1/2) years I don’t have a plethora of things from which to choose.

But hands down it has to be my trip last May to the MCKEESPORT VERSAILLES CEMETERY

My sister and I went to take pictures of my grandparents grave.

Willie Schridde

Anna Bartels Scridde 

Anna and Willi are my grandparents.   Willi died in 1936 and Anna remarried.

To find the grave I had to stop at the office and they gave me the map and information.    With a second thought in mind I inquired about Anna brother August Bartels, who I thought might be buried there too. 

To my surprise I found August and he was buried in a plot with many others.  Now, who were these people.   I surmised they were related, but how?August Bartels

Charlotte Bartels

I found August wife, my Tante Lotte.   I had no idea her name was Charlotte.   I remember her from childhood.   That was a great find, but the story thickens.

Charles and Alwine Deitrick

Here was Alwine and Charles Dietrich, Emma and Hermann Schwab, Ella Bartels and Minna Bartels.   This REALLY screamed more research.

Ella Bartels Emma Schwabe

Minna Bartels

I deduced that they were born too early to be my Grandmothers siblings, I knew there were four of them and her youngest sister was born in 1913 and August in 1902.

I needed a stop at the office and they I found August listed as nephew.  Home we went and then searching the records for the women.

What I found was astonishing to me !!!!!  Ella Bartels, sister in law of Charles Dietrich.EllaBartels immigration

Minna Bartels immigration

Minna Bartels sister of Mrs. Schwab.   These unknown Bartels were siblings of my Great Grandfather, Daniel Bartels.  They were my grandmothers Aunts and I never knew they were here.

I suppose since they died before I was born, it never came up in conversation.

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