Sunday, April 26, 2020


The parents of Michael Coleman (1808-1855) has long been hiding.   His parents were listed in the Family Bible (Parts unknown) were listed as Father 1780-1847 and Mother 1789-1831.

There Coleman Brothers were highlighted in a book by Georgie Kratzer Allen,  "The Coleman Brothers: Revolutionary War Militiamen, Pennsylvania and (West) Virginia pioneers and their descendants."  The family was located in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania.

It describes and gives the descendants of Thomas and Michael.   John died early in an Indian attack and as the story goes, was boiled alive in a vat of maple syrup.    James is just an entry citing the 1800 census with 1 son and 4 or 5 daughter.     Everyone who is descended from the Coleman's line has children named, Thomas, John, Michael and James.

After studying the descendants of Thomas and Michael and perusing the records in central Pennsylvania,  I decided he really does not fit into to either tree.    I am thinking that his father is James.   James Coleman is in the 1800 census and by 1810 he is gone off the records.   The year that my husbands Thomas Coleman is indicated. possibly, in one of the tick marks of the 1800 census.

James is not on the tax records for land,  he is in some of the head tax but as far as the land goes he appears to be renting.   I wanted to go back to Huntingdon County Historical Society but due to everything being closed I have no idea when I can make the trip.

My husbands ancestor (Michael Coleman) had a supposed brother James and also a sister Rachel.  There is a DNA connection from my husband to the descendants of Rachel.   I think I have to keep working this angle.  In the 1800 census their are the parents over 45.   One Male 16-25 ( this would be Thomas b. 1780, two females under ten, two females under fifteen, and two females sixteen thru twenty five.   Giving us six females and one male. 

How do I find those females sisters?

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