Saturday, August 22, 2009


Got an update on my handwritten note. The name Kalli Beckman which I had thought was female is in reality Karl. I would have never guessed that one.

Mile siberne Hochzeit is Silver Wedding 12 September 1929. Which of the sisters is this? They would have been married in 1904. My THEORY is that it is Emilie and Willie Beckmann, because their first child was born in 1907.

On the second page daughter Leni is struck out, possibly died by 1928.

Belle Alliance on the margin is the Prussian word for the battle ground at Waterloo, when the Prussians and British beat Napoleon. No clue why it is there. Unless some relative fought in that war.

All this information is from Klaus and I am very grateful for it.

My theory on the birthdays of Vater and Mutter being Willis parents has been proven correct also by Klaus.

With the birthday 8 April 1868, Anna Meta Margarethe Schridde, geb. Hackmann was on the LDS site. Anna was born in Bremen. Then there Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Hackmann and Elsie Johanne Rettel geb. 13 July 1844 in Bremen. Elsie and Ernst are my great great grandparents and Elsies parents are Carl Friedrich Rettel and Anna Metta Margarethe Lurssen. Carl Rettel and Anna Lurssen are my great great great grandparents.

All of this information gleaned from a small scrap of note paper with birthdays. It also means some descendant of my great grandmother is also searching and doing genealogy.

Do they know of Willi and wonder what happened to Willi and do they have a clue he had emigrated to the USA and wonder if they have relatives in the USA? Do they have a picture of Anna HACHMANN Schridde, like I do?

That is something that I ponder now.

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