Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sometimes I feel like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower.   I had a doctors appointment  and the office was close to UNIONDALE CEMETERY.    This cemetery was on my list of places to go.  My husbands paternal grandmother, MARY STEPHENS,  had two relatives; who were Civil War Veterans who were buried there.

Joe would go there every Memorial Day to put flowers on the graves.   I had never been there and neither had my husband.

There we found Robert in the Grand Army of the Republic section, all the graves were decorated with flags.

Then we looked for John, the office staff had given us directions and a list of who was in the plot. In the plot were listed     Rachel A Stephens, David J Stephens, Daniel Stephens, John Stephens, Mary Stephens, Mary Jane Axton and Irene Axton.   This is indeed the Civil War Veteran, but where is the Family plot located?

                                                                                  In the plot that we had the information contained the   Stephenson  family, not the Stevens.   We were hungry and wanted to go to lunch after searching for John Stephens for about one hour. 

Mary Stephens had told the tal of her family being English and Scotch-Irish.  With the help of  I found listings for the Stephens Family.    The family was Welsh.  The owner of the lot was the veteran John Stephens born October 1834 and died  27  April  1912.   His wife Mary born February 1840 and died 26 October 1915.

Who were the others ???  With a little investigation  I found that Rachel A Stephens born 1844 and died 16 January 1875 and David J Stephens born 1883 and died 30 January 1883.   They were John and Mary' children. 

Daniel Stephens was born 1826 and died 21 March 1900.   In the census records it lists him as married with a wife Jeanette (born 1829)  Jeanette was not buried there.  Daniel and Jeanette were listed in the 1870 an 1880 census. Son Morgan born 1859, daughter Gwenllian (born 1883) and a adopted son, John Robert age 14.   Was John Robert a nephew???

Mary Jane Axton was the daughter of John and Mary Stephens who was       born  1866, married 1890 and widowed sometimes before 1900.  Mary Jane died 5 June 1945.

Irene Axton was Mary Janes' daughter born 1890 and died 1 July 1908.

Chuck had found a listing of those two uncles in his fathers wallet, I  will have him find that list and see exactly where they are.

MY THEORY is John, Robert and Daniel Stephens were brothers.

Every answer begets twenty more questions.


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  1. I know this great grandparents are buried in it along with some of their married children. My Grandfather Stark was also a Civil War veteran and is buried in an old section. I did not visit, but my brother did and took the photos for me. It is one BIG cemetery.