Monday, August 17, 2009

Name Update

I received an email from a fellow genealogist, Klaus who is from Germany. We have been searching the same Family name Schridde from the Hanover area, I guess it is Lower Saxony. I sent him the Birthday list to get his input.

Klaus had read my listing of Birthdays and he said that the Hilowsly is Zikowsky and is a common name in Hanover.

It is amazing to me that sometime the leaps you find are from obscure and seemingly inconsequential family papers and documents that are useless to anyone but the family historian. The very thought that my grandmother would have saved the birthday list from the 1920’s and it would remained hidden in an envelope to be discovered by me in 2009 are about the same odds of winning the Lottery.

I suppose it is the Genealogy lotto.

I am having trouble with Ancestry and Their Family Tree. When I am working on the Family Tree it has little leaf icons that appear to alert you to possible matches. When I click on the icon I get a message that Internet is not available, even though I am connected to the WWW. Also I am unable to view my Trees or Manage my Trees on I have written to them, but is anyone else out there having this problem or has had this problem?

I would surely like to get this solved.picturesbyclaudia 304

In this picture are my grandparents Anna and Willi and my mother Gerda. This was taken c. 1926-1927, guessed by the age of my mother in the photo.

MY THEORY is now that the younger man is Anna’s brother August. Could the older man be her Uncle Wilhelm, or perhaps Charles Dietrich, or Oswald Schwab. Charles and Oswald would be the husbands of her Aunts Alwine Bartels and Emma Bartels.

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  1. Just wanted to jump in here and say hello. I am, or was, from Pittsburgh....born in Butler and raised until marriage in the North Hills area. Some of my genealogy blogs deal with Pgh and my links there. I look forward to following your blog.