Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had to check back with my Blog to see when I had sent for my obits.   It was June 27, and today is July 16, so I am getting impatient.   This is nothing new because I expect instant gratification.  

Today I was on the Irish Family History Site and got two records.   One was for my great grandfather Thomas Dowd.    I knew his birthday to be 14 March 1860.  Since Thomas was the only one born (with that name) in County Mayo in 1860 this is a pretty sure bet.  It has listed the address as Rathbane and Parish/District as Backs/Knockmore…   It is a church Baptism record and the date was 24 April, 1860 and his parents are Thomas Dowd (no surprise there) and Cate Sweeney.  The two sponsors are  Andrew Dowd and Cate Dowd.   MY THEORY is that Andrew is my gggrandfathers brother, but is Cate Andrew’s wife or sister.   Do not have a theory on that yet.    With the Baptism date about one month after the birth I feel that this is the RIGHT family, so another generation added to my list.

I had found a listing for Ellen Mortel (Mortell) she was the only one for the year 1851 in County Limerick, the Baptism was 7 April 1851.   Ellen had listed 1852 as the year of her birth, but Patrick (as listed on her death certificate in PA) is listed as her father.   Joanna Condon is listed as her mother.   Address is unknown but Parish/District is Effin/Garrenderk.   Now  I had posted a few weeks ago about a Patrick Mortel with Ellen as a newborn in England’s 1851 census, with Patrick as father and Mary Mortel as mother.   Is Joanne and Mary the same person???   Is the 1851 English census accurate??? Are they my people?

Each answer begets another list of questions………

I ran a search on Patrick O’Rourke and Bridget Naughton but there were too many to determine.   I know the names of both sets of parents, what I need is a Reverse Search Option.  Where I can put in the names of the parents to find out information.


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