Sunday, July 19, 2009


In contact with my newly found cousin Jenny.   She has her family (mine too actually,)  all fired up about scanning family photos.

Her grandmother is frail and Jenny wants to get family information.   In August she has a trip planned to GA and another cousin in FL are going to have a scan festival.  I told her to write down who is on the photos because I have many that are not labeled.  

I sent her two of them because the O'Rourke cousin did not know who they were, so maybe they are on the Dowd side.  Unknown   any one on Dowd side? Unknown wedding party c.1910's.

Unknown   Think it is the woman in wedding picture??? Unknown woman.  She is very pretty  but who is she???

I know my sister is going to call and ask me what is up with this development LOL.



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