Saturday, July 25, 2009


I can’t believe I went without my camera.   To the Oakmont PA Sidewalk Sale.  They have photo contests and I would have liked to have pictures to post.  I had left the camera in the car.

Every year Oakmont PA has a Sidewalk Sale and the Oakmont Genealogy Study Group has a table and table to try to lure people in to get them to do genealogy….They lured me in about three years ago.

We set up out tent, and then had brochures about how to get started in the obsession.  Really, that is what it becomes… you all know.

There were about seventy five to one hundred vendors.    Some of them were fund raisers for their groups and some were merchants selling their wares, and individuals selling their crafts and such.

One elderly gentleman stopped by.  He asked us to guess when he was born.   He was quite fit and mentally sharp.   He was going to try to do his family tree but wanted to work forward rather than back ward.

My guess was he was born in 1918,  I was off only by two years, he was born in 1916 that would make him 93.    He looked really great for his age.   My advice to him, write the names of the people (with pencil) on the back of your family photos because their names will be lost if you don’t.   He seemed to like the idea.

I am also good at guessing weights, but that is for another day….  Chuck and I walked around and had a hot dog, and I had a fruit cup which was being sold by the health food store.     Did you ever notice how good the hot dogs taste when you are out and some body is grilling them right before your eyes?

I have not gotten my Obits yet, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.


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