Sunday, January 18, 2009


I had to tell someone, so I thought I would post it here. I have been perusing links and blogs in the Genealogy community. Lo and behold I came to a link on the German Ancestry. I may join it, the price is about $15 per year.

That is not the most amazing thing. I typed my ancestors name SCHRIDDE into the search feature, and to my surprise and utter amazement up popped my O'Rourke Family Tree written by me and on the USA version of

My daughter said people in Germany could be reading it. Maybe I should post some of my pictures on Ancestry.
Pictured Willi Schridde, Anna Bartels Schridde and Gerda Schridde c.1928 Duquesne PA USA


  1. I do not know what German pay site you are talking about, but a big red flag would be waving for me. I would contact the site owner (they must have a "conact us" link somewhere on the site) and ask how they come by the material they are charging people to see, more specifically your family history authored by you.

  2. It was the German version of I subscribe to the USA version not the international version. I did have my mothers maiden name posted on the USA version. I guess they will have the info in the search engine. But it is so expensive to do the International version so I had dropped it. I could not access the German information however.