Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today I purchased a large foam poster board. On New Years Day I started to clean out the basement. I came across two pictures, I knew they were there, but had forgotten about them.

When my husband was cleaning out his grandparents house for sale, he came upon two pictures. A man and a woman. The pictures were stored in the bedroom closet of his grandfather, John Crst Sperl. This happened about ten years ago.

With my recent interest in genealogy I was intrigued about them...I had my husband take off the back of the mans picture and there was the date 23 Aug '99. (1899 that is) I realized that the two people were his great grandparents, Anton Sperl (b.18 December 1860--d. 4 August 1899.) My theory is that his wife Katharina RAUSCHER Sperl (b. 26 October 1864 d.27 October 1947) had the picture drawn of her husband after his untimely death. Did she have the picture drawn of herself at the same time?? They looked like they were copies of photographs, and the size the pictures are would not have been available as enlargements.

Back to the poster board. I want to place the drawings against the white poster board to serve a backdrop for the two pictures. I will take them as a couple and separately to make digital images. Of all the great grandparents I never thought I would find a picture of them. My husbands family house had burnt down in 1963 and all the treasures in the attic were destroyed. I will post them when I get them copied.

Anton came to the USA from Bohemia in 1869. It took me awhile to find the record, I had thought he came over in the 1880's. Katharina did come over in 1883, also from Bohemia. Some days are just eureka moments.

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