Saturday, January 24, 2009


I found a good blog and the idea is blog improvement. With only a few entries I guess at the begining is a good place to start. That way I will not have a lot to improve on. What are my goals, I really did not think of any when I started. I just wanted to write and explore my ancestors. Maybe I should set a goal.....but setting a goal for me at the start is going to be difficult.

Should it be names of my great great grandparents and beyond? Perhaps photographs of my ancestors. I have a lot and love pictures, should it be following the great Aunts and Uncles forward and meet second and third cousins? I have met a few but right now that is one of my Missions Impossibles. Honestly, back to the old countries of Ireland and Germany is Mission Impossible.

How do I get results out of the LDS microfilms? Everyone tells how they get all sorts of informaiton and I get nothing. How do I go about gleaning the informaiton? I know where they are from, studied the old Germany writing styles, but still can not find ancestors.

Does everyone have the same troubles and I? I must admit that I have only been doing this for two years, I started on the quest in January of 2007. I think what started my research was going thru the papers that my father had tucked away in his file cabinets. Really, I never knew he had such things. If I had known I would have asked about them.

So BlogImprove I hope to do.

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  1. Claudia, you raise a lot of good questions. I foudn it helpful to just do one little thing at a time. Eventually it all falls into place. Can you get advice from the Family History Center Staff on your LDS microfilm? I just posted about my Dad's "stuff" too--except he's still alive.
    Becky Jamison