Sunday, January 25, 2009


When Becky left me a comment and said I should take it one item at a time I think she was correct.

Does everyone get frustrated when working on one topic/person and then bounce to someone or someplace else?

Does everyone else go back and re-read their notes/ acquisitions and discover something that was overlooked?

I am finding some answers or clues were hiding in plain site. The answers to the questions that I hadn’t even think to ask.

The people at the LDS Church are helpful but their comment was (and I have to agree) most of my trouble with reading the documents are poor handwriting from 150 years ago, and the poor quality of the ancient records.

I suppose I am envious of the people who can trace back their families to the Revolutionary War. My earliest people can here in 1872 and the latest being my mother in 1926. I am finding the records here in the USA but not in Europe. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon?

I must admit I am a person who expects instant gratification. But I have to retrain my brain to the fact that instant gratification doesn’t work in genealogy.

picturesbyclaudia 271

My mother Gerda SCHRIDDE Dowd and father Thomas Dowd, circa 1958 by me in one of my first attempts at photography, at least I didn’t cut off their heads.


  1. Hi ~
    I definitely tend to bounce around from line to line way too much! My goal this year is to have a more orderly approach to my research and hope that is pays off. I do find it helpful to go back and review what I did previously because often I've learned more about how to search in the intervening years.

    Good luck to you!!

  2. Claudia, you can see why many people have been researching their families for many decades! These projects just grow and grow--but as I said, we take it a day at a time and a step at a time. I'm not very disciplined at staying on track either. I lose interest quickly and change activities. Wish I'd live another 40 years so I could START to make sense of it all!