Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Anton, Katharina Sperl 008 This is my latest discovery. This is my husbands Great Grandmother, Katharina Rauscher Sperl Nosseck. Katharina was born 26 October 1864 in Rosshaupt, Bohemia. I have read in an entry that her fathers name was Frank, I emailed that person and did not receive a reply, guess she didn’t want to share information.

In the information I received from the Diocese of Pittsburgh it had listed a child Frank born 1 July 1890, Frank died 11 March 1891 from scarlet fever. So it leads me to believe that perhaps it is true.

Katharina emigrated from Bohemia in 1883, I do not know if she knew Anton, but it would have been when they were children. Anton and his family emigrated in 1869.

Katharina and Anton had many children, eight that I have documentation for and at least three died in childhood, and a few more died in early adulthood. The only one who survived to old age was John Crist Sperl, he had two half sisters Catharine and Josephine Nosseck.

Katharina died on 27 October 1947. There is much for me to discover about the family. About ten years ago my husband and his brother were cleaning out the house of his grandparents. At that time he brought home two pictures which were in the basement. I came across them recently, and I had an eureka moment…..I had him take off the backs and the one of Anton had 23 August ‘99. He had died on 4 August 1899. That is when I knew who the mystery people were. Being stored in his sons closet helped a lot with the deduction.

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