Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anton Sperl

Anton, Katharina Sperl 005

This is a picture of Anton Sperl.  He was born 18 December 1860, in Bohemia, and died 4 August 1899. I had this picture in my basement.  My husband brought it home when he and his brother cleaned out their grandfathers house.    

His son, John Crist Sperl was born in May 1899, a few months before his fathers death.   I suspect it was unexpected.   I had always thought that Anton had emigrated to this country in the 1880’s.   But, much to my surprise, I found him in a ships record as immigrating in 1869, from St.Catherines, Bohemia.

AntonSperl1869On this paper it lists the father, mother , Anton and his sister Barbara.  Chuck had told me that  the story was that his great grandmother was pregnant with his grandfather when they came to America.  

To every rumor is a hint of truth.   It was the great great grandmother who was pregnant and she had Antons brother Thomas in Baltimore after they arrived.   There was also a sister Margaret who was born in the USA also, I do not know where she was born.   I also need to find out when the moved to PA.  I can not find them in the 1870 census, but the 1880 census has them living in Shaler PA.

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