Sunday, November 30, 2014



My great grandmother Bridget Naughton Dowd was an identical twin.  My father said he could not tell them apart.   My cousin, Erin O’Donnell send me this picture of them.


I do not know for certain, which is my great grandmother, Bridget Dowd.   The first mystery; I have a records of her birth on 25 March 1868 in Ireland with father of Thomas Naughton and mother Catherine Ward.  I have found no record for her twin, whom I have deduced with the name of Catherine.   I found a record of their older sister Mary Naughton, born 19 February 1865, with the same parents.    My question, one of many, where is Catherine’s birth listing and why is she not with Bridget.

After the Naughton girls I no longer find any other children with Catherine Ward as mother.   Did Catherine Ward die in childbirth?

On Bridget’s death certificate her father is Thomas Naughton and mother Nora Nee, is Nora Nee a stepmother?   There were a few other Naughton women who were sisters, Margaret and Norah with Thomas as their father.  

I have yet to find the twin Catherine, or have I?    While perusing the Death Certificates I came across a record for a married Katherine Naughton, which I had discarded before because she was married.   This Katherine had married a man named Patrick Naughton, Patrick had parents that were different than Katherine.

Naughton, Katherine DC

Her birth year is 1870, just off two years from Bridget, her father is Thomas Naughton but mother is Nora Mallay.  There seems to be a discrepancy of the mother all over records.  

What I need to do is send for the possible marriage record and records from the Baptism of their children.  That will be a start.


  1. Interestingly, FamilySearch ‘Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881’ lists a baptism record for twins Catharine and Bridget Naughtin, born Lettermore, Galway on 16 Feb 1865, to Thomas Naughtin and Honor Molloy. (subscription site) lists 10 baptisms between 1855 and 1874, potentially born to this couple, in Galway, including the twins and, a Mary in 1860, Honor in 1870 and Margaret in 1874. Are you sure of your Bridget’s birthday and mother’s name?

  2. Claudia, good luck in finding out the truth about Catherine and Bridget! This is quite a mystery. I'll keep reading and hoping you solve the puzzle soon.