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It has been quite a while since I have written.   I have been reading how people are putting their research aside and “doing over”   The thought seems to be overwhelming but I only have been  researching since 2008 and I have about 1000 people in my tree, all of which should be there, or so I thought.

I had written a  post about my paternal great grandmother and why I could not find her twin in the records.   A fellow blogger, Dara of BLACK RAVEN GENEALOGY  found Bridget Naughton and her twin Catherine.  It appears that Dara (Thank You Dara) was correct.

How did I make this major mix up?   To start with I used the date of birth that Bridget had given on her marriage license application; I entered it on Family Search and amazingly I found her with the corresponding date of birth.  The parents were Thomas Naughton and Catherine Ward; so I was off to a good start; but the census records from 1900  to 1930 gave all various years of age.  This was puzzling but what I read this was not uncommon.  I also did not know she was a twin at this time because none of my cousins I had met did not know of this either.   A niggling problem was my father said his grandmother was a twin, and he could not tell them apart.   

When I received the records from the Archives of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, I gleaned the names of many women and a few of them were also Naughton’s.  Then I did another search of the records, this took a few months into a few years because of the new names I found.

With the Archives records  and Family I found many of the names and they were her sisters and sisters in law.  One of my cousins, we found each other online, gave me the names of a few of Bridget's’ sisters; Mary, Norah, Margaret and two brothers John and Dudley.

None of the birthdays matched Bridget’s and where was the twin?   I was on to other people in my tree, mainly her husband Thomas Dowd.   I used the date or birth from his marriage license application  and found him on Family Search, but none of his siblings.  I was not worrying because Irish Research is suppose to be difficult. 

Then just by chance I found the transcribed records of Glinsk Parish in Ireland….

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