Sunday, February 2, 2014


Like a lot of newbies I took the date given for my grand Aunt as correct.  I had not searched for the death dates for my grandfathers siblings because I (erroneously) thought they were correct.  All but one was correct and that is my mystery.

I was looking for the obits of my grand aunts and uncles to get my papers in order when I discovered that two of the death dates were the same.  That would be correct if there had been a violent accident.  I did a search and found that the date given was good for Nora's sister Mary Cole was correct and she was buried in St. Petersburg, FL.   In Mary's obit it did not mention Nora or an accident. On a brighter note I did find Mary's Obit, she died 27 July 1983, there was no mention about parents, husband or siblings.

Next I re-read the obit for her sister, Agnes Dowd Hendershot, she died 10 November 1980 and it mention her siblings as Richard Dowd and Mary Dowd Cole, of Florida.   So, Nora died before 1980.   I looked for an obit for Richard and did not find one, but he died 6 February, 1981.

On Family Search I found a marriage license application for Nora's son, and it listed her as alive and living in Pittsburgh, this was 1948.  So somewhere between 1948-1980 Nora died, I did not find her in Find A Grave, or Ancestry.  It is like she disappeared from the face of the earth, she is not in the SSDI.  Where in the world has she gone and how to find her?   I could order her death certificate if I knew when she died and that is the problem...

Nora died 25 April 1964 and is buried in All Saints Catholic Cemetery (Braddock Catholic) in North Braddock PA


  1. Claudia, if she was living in Pittsburgh you could use the google newspapers to look at the Pittsburgh newspapers. The search engine might find her. The link is The Pgh newspapers are:
    Pgh Commercial through 4 May 1965
    Pgh Post-Gazette through 2007
    Pgh Post-Gaz. & Sun-Telegraph through June 1960
    Pgh Press through Jul 1992

    1. I was thinking of that and in fact was searching through the obits. I am going to try to Google her name, it is just taking too long and giving me a headache to scroll each and every paper.